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New ‘pup’ in the pack

Jack Brammer is the latest young hockey player to be given his chance with the Bradfield Brewery Sheffield. He’s been on the radar of Ben Morgan for a while now in the Prospects Programme and this season has seen him graduate to the senior roster.

Jack is currently getting plenty of ice time as he’s playing for the Steeldogs and Sutton (2 way contract); “I’m skating several times a week, training on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and then there are always games at the weekend to be played.”

When Jack’s not out on the ice, he’s studying Sports Science at college; “In the future I’m looking to become a strength and conditioning coach or a physiotherapist. I’m interested in a sports career, so my course is perfect for me to get on my career path.

“This season I’m getting the chance to work with the Steeldogs and so far, it’s been amazing. I’m lucky to have had some great coaches already in my hockey career but Morgs and Woody are taking it to the next level. The level of play is much higher with the Dogs and it’s so much faster and more physical, it’s my kind of hockey.

“In the games you play, you spend some more time watching how people play, how the game is turning out and appreciating the skill you see. It’s really been helpful to me getting the chance to train and spend time around this team. You wait in the game for when the coach sends you out and you get your shift. You have to stay focused, despite having some nerves. Those don’t last long as the excitement takes over and you have a real adrenalin rush.

“The main differences are the speed, skill level and physicality. Senior hockey is so much faster. You get more end to end skating, the play spreads more. Also you can be a little more physical in senior hockey without taking the penalties you can be given in junior. When I’m playing with the Steeldogs I go out knowing I’m the little one, I’ll be getting knocked over but you stand your ground, get up and carry on playing the game.

“I’m finding that I have to play at 100%...if not more than that to keep up in these games. Your passing has to be more accurate; it’s got to be tape to tape because if not, there’s a good player out there that will pick that off and that could be a problem for the team.

“I’m learning so much from everyone. Each player has something they can pass on to you, everyone has a different style you can take from. I learn a lot from those who are just a little older than me like Brownie. Salem is superb to learn from especially as he has such great hands, speed and a shot.

“I’d love a career in sport. If I work hard now and out in the hours, listen well and practice what I’m taught I hope I can have a good career with the Dogs and take it from there. If I’m not on the ice I’ll follow my other choice, either strength and conditioning or physio therapy.”

With players missing last weekend, Jack played a regular shift – and came within millimetres of scoring his first senior goal. He’ll be getting lots more ice time on Saturday in Basingstoke and at iceSheffield on Sunday.

Sheffield Steeldogs vs Bracknell Bees
Sunday December 4th
4:30 faceoff at iceSheffield

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