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Steeldogs digging deep

Over the past three weekends, the Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs have had a tough run. The team have been missing a minimum of FOUR players for each of the last five games against Bracknell, Basingstoke and MK.

Injuries, illness and a range of personal circumstances have given Ben Morgan some real headaches as he has had to mix lines up and look to every member of the squad to log a lot of ice time every night. Jack Brammer has shown he’s another 16-year-old who is ready to step up to play his part, whilst at the other end of the scale, bench coach Greg Wood has strapped his skates back on to add some much-needed experience to the team.

The squad, old or young, experienced or taking their first steps in senior hockey, have dug deep and delivered three wins from those fixtures and shown every bit of character and dogged determination you could ask for.

The National Division is fiercely competitive, there are no easy games, no chances to take the night off and the club know that playing short-benched, only makes it harder. There were guys who could barely get back on the bus after Saturday’s game in MK but who still turned up on Sunday, got strapped up and went out and played another 60 minutes.

Ben has been working tirelessly off the ice in search of players to add to the squad; Prospects Nathan Ripley and Will Harper have made their debuts, and shown that they can contribute in senior hockey.

The player market is very quiet and the Steeldogs aren’t the only team looking. Therefore, Ben has been looking at who might be willing and able to play for us on a short-term basis. The good news is that we have three former Steeldogs who will be pulling our jersey on again over the coming weeks, in different games. You’ll have to wait to see who and when but we are very grateful to them for coming to help, and to their coach and club for agreeing to let them.

We hope you will continue to give the team every bit of your support through a busy programme over the next few weeks. They have delivered some great results and with your backing, we are sure they will continue to, so please be an extra man for them and help make this challenging time as easy as possible.

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