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Meet Reece Cochrane

We introduced the newest Dog yesterday, our Scottish starlet Reece Cochrane.

Reece joins us fresh from the Fife Flyers and has been a regular with GB, having played for the under 18s and under 20s in the past few months.

Reece has been down to Sheffield a couple of times recently, meeting with Ben and Greg and getting a chance to see some of the city including visits to Puckstop and to The Nag’s Head, the brewery tap of the Bradfield Brewery.

We also took the chance to find out a bit more about Reece and his hockey career and ambitions.

What attracted you to Sheffield? 
“I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sheffield. It’s a nice city and I’ve heard lots about the club being a good one that will help develop young players. Other young guys who have been here have said brilliant things, so hopefully the club will be able to help me go that extra mile.

“iceSheffield is a nice rink, very modern and it’s very different to what I’m used to playing in. I’m looking forward to getting out onto the larger ice surface and opening up my game. I’ve played there several times when Scotland have taken on England, or when I’ve played in Conference weekends and I like the atmosphere when there’s some fans in supporting you. I’ll miss the old rink in Kirkcaldy but I’ve heard there are a couple of rinks in the league that are quite similar.”

What kind of a player are you and what are you ambitions over the next few years?
“I see myself as a stay at home defence man but I can create offence when needed. I look to move the puck as quickly as I can and get up the ice when possible. I’m looking forward to playing alongside Ben and Lewis, they’ve plenty of experience, and I’m sure Tim will offer guidance too. I think I can learn plenty from training and playing with them.

I’m hoping to develop as much as I can over the next few years and my long-term ambition is to get myself onto an Elite roster. But I need to get some serious ice time under my belt and learn from good players around me who will definitely develop my game. I’m expecting a lot of good games, there’s a lot of great players in the league. And I’ve heard so much about the Hull games, a great fierce rivalry where the games are passionate, and some say feisty. Can’t wait to get stuck into those games!”

How did you get into ice hockey?
“I began skating at the age of 3. My uncle Chad (Reekie) played hockey (for teams including Fife, Dundee, Slough and Wightlink) so I got into hockey from there. From a very young age I was drawn to the rink and spent most of my time there. I played through the youth teams in Kirkcaldy, and from the Flames and Falcons, I got chances with the Kestrels in the SNL and the Flyers in the Elite League.

“I have had some brilliant experiences in hockey already, playing with GB under 18s and winning a gold medal in Estonia and this year with the under 20s, playing with guys like Liam Kirk and Kieran Brown. Fife gave me a great grounding but I didn’t really get as much ice time as I would have liked, so moving to Sheffield will give me more opportunity to develop as you can only improve when you’re playing more regularly. I’m here to push myself and meet new challenges. I’m excited to get going!”

Reece will be wearing the #16 jersey for the Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs and you could get one of his game-worn jerseys. You can Own and Loan his light or dark jersey for just £75 each or sponsor his alternate jersey for £100. We will be revealing all three designs soon but if you’re interested in securing any of these jerseys, please email [email protected]. They will be sold on a first come, first served basis so don’t delay!



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