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An opportunity has arisen to make some changes and give some of the Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs the ice time to get the development they need.

Tom Relf will be becoming a more regular part of the Dogs line-up and Tom Barry will be splitting his time between Sutton Sting and the Steeldogs.

Ben Morgan explains more about this change and how it came about;

“The good relationship we have had with Sutton and ‘Buttsy’ (Sting Coach Simon Butterworth) over the last couple of years has been instrumental in allowing us to come to this decision where we have got 2 players who are both looking to naturally develop regardless of which league they are in and what standard they are playing at. 

“’Relfy’ has come in and done a fantastic job for us with the limited ice time that he has got and is proving that he has still got the capability to play at this level. ‘Baz’ is still trying to develop his game in certain areas. He’s proven himself more than capable in some areas but to give himself the best possible chance to really secure himself at this level that we are playing at, he needs to get genuine ice time and play in other situations than 5 on 5. It is an opportunity for him which he knows he needs and he remains a Steeldog. Relfy is still a full time Sutton player technically, he’ll still play for them and he also has commitments around his uni studies but he’ll be a regular with us where possible.

“It’s not the end of Tom Barry in a Steeldogs shirt – we’ll definitely see him again for plenty of games between now and the end of the season. It’s a chance for Baz to get on special teams and up his ice time with the Sting. Relfy will bring his former EPL experience and hopefully slot in and show the form that he has shown in the shifts that he has given us so far this season. Then there is nothing to say that he can’t make that a permanent position come the start of next season.

“It’s an arrangement that works for Sutton and for us and it's not just about the two Toms - we are looking for other players to get ice time too. Brady played for Sutton last night and we are looking at the possibilities for other players too. It’s great to have such a good relationship with the Sheffield Academy and with Sutton, as well as working with the Steelers. We want to be that go between to the next level and give guys the opportunities.”

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