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Steeldogs round up the Herd

The Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs played host to the Basingstoke Bison for the first time this season. Ashley Tait’s team were prepared and ready for the battle with the Dogs, and both teams locked horns in what was going to be one gritty game.

Dmitri Zimozdra took up his place between the pipes to begin the game and facing him was Sheffielder Alex Mettam.

With very few stoppages in the first period, the opening exchanges zipped by. The pace of the game was fast and furious at times and at others both teams had to play the patience game. The metalwork featured frequently as the Bison had their fair share of rings off the post and the Steeldogs threatened goals but the pipes were the friend of the net minder. Jan Danecek broke the ice with the Steeldogs first goal, his fore-check creating a chance from nothing. Within moments the Steeldogs found themselves on a 5 on 3 penalty kill, which the Bison took full advantage of and Jones equalised just before the break. 1-1

The second period saw Basingstoke take the lead rather quickly through Ralph and the opening play could only be described as hectic. Ash Calvert pounced on a pass from Salem to score the Dogs equaliser and the home team stepped on the accelerator at this point and took the momentum to build up to a third goal, scored by in form Vladimir Luka. From there the Steeldogs worked on their play in the offensive zone and shot from distance looking for the rebound. With a last gasp scramble in the Dogs paint, Bison ran out of time in the middle period in their quest for parity, 3-2.

The final period was going to be a battle as both teams had the points in their sights. Everything to play for and the Bison took their first chance as Tait levelled for the Herd. At one point the visitors thought they had scored but after a long chat the officials ruled out the goal. It certainly was an action thriller. Tait called his timeout with plenty of time remaining to see if this would get his team the edge and push on for the W. Sheffield unleashed Vladimir Luka , our very own King Midas, as everything he touches turns to goals right now and he slotted home his second of the game which turned out to be the game winner.

Sheffield Steeldogs 4-3 Basingstoke Bison

A solid performance from Adam Jones and a 2 goal display from the MAC Construction Consultants sponsored Vladimir Luka earned them both the Man of the Match awards.

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