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Bradfield Brewery back as title sponsors for an eight season

Everyone at the club is very happy that we go in to the 2020/21 season once again as the Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs.

Our partnership with the Bradfield Brewery goes back over many years and this will be the 8th season they have been our title sponsor.

Based at Watt House Farm in Lower Bradfield, the Bradfield Brewery have been making award winning beers since 2005. The business has grown massively since then, with their beers now available at pubs across South Yorkshire and beyond. The shop at the brewery offers the full range of ales and for those wanting to enjoy a fine pint in relaxed environment there is The Nag’s Head in Loxley, the King & Miller in Deepcar along with the Wharncliffe Arms in Wharncliffe Side, which they took over last year.

Before lockdown there were lots of opportunities to enjoy the best beer in Sheffield and the brewery have reacted to the present situation by extending their delivery service so that you can get mini-kegs and bottles to dropped off on your door step.

John Gill, owner of the Bradfield Brewery, explained the origins of the connection between the brewery and the Dogs and what he enjoys and values with the club;

“Hockey has been our relaxation for years, even before we started brewing, so it was an easy decision when we first started our sponsorship. I do feel proud when I see our name emblazoned across the Steeldogs jerseys but when we come to the Steeldogs games, we are coming to enjoy the hockey and support the team.

“With the Steeldogs we feel we are putting something back into hockey. We have had that much pleasure out of ice hockey and our links with the Steeldogs that we feel if we can put a little bit of something back into the sport then that is our role. We still get our advertising from it and it is good for us on a business footing.

“I think we share some core values, especially where we see the younger lads getting their chance. It gives us great pride to see players like Kirky get their chance, benefitting from the good coaching and then send them on to the next level to further their careers.

“When you come to the Steeldogs you are going to get 100% effort in a game, you’ll see young players getting a start in the senior game, you see a rawer form of the game - it’s competitive and every goal and point is fought for. The Steeldogs provide a great family atmosphere and you can relax in the surroundings of the rink.

“We saw some gritty performances from the Steeldogs and some games that were absolutely brilliant because everyone was singing off the same hymn sheet at that time. It is always easy to watch a game up in the stands and you get a feel for how the game is going. We saw some very competitive games, between quite even teams even when we were supposed to be the underdog. It was pretty exciting once the season got started as we saw results showing that any team could beat anyone on the day and we look forward to more of the same this year”.

Steeldogs coach Ben Morgan is clear on the bond between the club and the brewery;

“To us as a club having Bradfield Brewery back on board is massively important. We appreciate everything they do for us from providing the man of the match beers (which the boys love!) to having that name on our jerseys.

“It is becoming synonymous with the Steeldogs now, being known as the Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs - it just feels right. We do share many of the same core values and it’s good that John and Sue see the importance of the development opportunities we give to young guys. We feel proud and privileged to have a business and a family as great and honourable back on board with us”. 

Steeldogs co-owner Roger Williams welcomes the continued connection;

“John and Sue really love their hockey and it’s great to have title sponsors who are such fans too. The brewery is such a great, local success story and it’s impressive that they have found a way to keep the brewery thriving during the lockdown. We are thrilled to have them onboard for another season, especially with everything going at present. They do feel like a part of the club, a very real part of the Steeldogs family. We thank John and Sue and everyone at the Bradfield Brewery for their continued support of the club.”

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