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Jason Hewitt joins the Steeldogs

The Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs are excited to announce the signing of Jason Hewitt ahead of the Streaming Series games this month.

Jason needs no introduction to hockey fans in Yorkshire; he won multiple trophies with the Sheffield Steelers and is amongst the all-time leaders in games played for the club. He was tempted to Hull to play for the Pirates, where he has been player/coach for the past three seasons – during which time the Dogs and Pirates have battled for the same trophies, with successes on both sides.

With the Pirates unable to play at present and the Steeldogs in need of cover for the upcoming games, Jason has returned to Sheffield and will be a Steeldog – as he put it “there’s been a lot of strange things recently, but I think this is one of the stranger things right now!”

He explained how this came about;

“It’s been well documented that things aren’t quite ready to go in Hull and we weren’t ready to take part in this streaming series, so Morgs got in touch. This was a hockey decision, an opportunity to keep skating and get back playing - at my age (37) it’s not the wisest to take over a year off. It’s strange right now but I daresay that once we get out there on the ice it will be just like any other day. I know all these guys, I’ve been in Sheffield for the best part of 15 years. I’ve known and skated with most of these guys during that time - it’s not as strange as it may appear to a lot of people”.

Jason thinks the Streaming Series games are important on several levels;

“It’s important to be playing for all of us, the key thing about playing is trying to be a part of something to get ice hockey back, which excites me. When I saw it announced I was very intrigued as to how it was going to work out. I’m glad I can be a part of it and help it grow and make a path to get back to playing properly.

“I hope people buy into the streaming series, as hockey fans we have been starved of the sport, and I think it’s going to be a good product with good games. It will be strange without any fans, we are all used to playing with people in the building so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I’m excited to get back playing and making a difference on the ice”.

Steeldogs player/coach Ben Morgan is looking forward to having an old adversary in Dog’s colours;

“I’ve known Jason for a long time and having played against him regularly over the past few years, I’ve had plenty of reminders of the qualities he brings to the game during those battles. He’s scored more than 300 points over the past three seasons and that alone would get him in any team in our league, and I’m glad he is here helping us out”.

Ben explained why the signing is important;

“We moved to bring Hewy in because we have a few guys who for work or family reasons are unable to play in the Streaming Series games but we want to make sure we have a competitive team who can provide a level of hockey which will attract viewers. Jason absolutely delivers that and hopefully we might have another guy coming in to help strengthen for these games. I was very happy with the team I’d assembled but this is about making sure that our line-up for November is ready to compete with Swindon and MK and help provide the exciting return to action we all want”.

Jason will make his Steeldogs debut online on Sunday (November 15th) against the Swindon Wildcats in the Streaming Series match up, facing off at 5:30.



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