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Chaz checks in for another season

Forward Charlie Thompson made his Steeldogs debut in the 2014/15 season before becoming a regular the following season. ‘Chaz’ has grown up as a Dog and celebrated his 24th birthday over the summer, making him one of the senior guys amongst the younger part of the squad.

Chaz is a hard worker who always steps up when the opportunity arises. Even the early end to the last season couldn’t deny him his best points tally as he collected 4 goals and 11 assists and showing increased discipline by keeping his PIMs down to just 26.

Coach Morgan welcomes the return of #81;

“I’m delighted to have Chaz back. He is massive for the team, a great guy on and off the ice. We will be looking for him to continue his development and evolve. He had a very productive season and of course great points scoring total last year and he will want to build on that, I won’t be setting any targets for him as I know he will be doing that for himself. He knows the strengths of his own game but for me I will be expecting consistency, expecting him to nail down regular ice time and pushing not only himself but also challenging others around him.

“Chaz is someone who is still a young lad, he is consistent with his game and he shows the determination to nail down a secure spot. He’s someone who is always trying to improve and develop and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He puts the team first regardless of what is happening. He gets what we are trying to achieve and shows a fantastic attitude towards it. He knows he has more in his tank, more to offer and more to give but he knows he has to earn the right like everyone does.

“One of the things that really pleased me last season about Chaz was his link up play, his ability to transition from offence to defence and vice versa, it wasn’t just picking up the puck, skate and chip it in and let the wingers get to work. He was able to show confidence and make plays, which I will hope to see carry on this year. He is still a young lad but in that group of players where there is a little more expectation of him”.

For Chaz, the season can’t come quick enough;

“I can’t wait to get back to it all! Lewis Bell said, I’m becoming one of the middle-aged guys on the team now! I love coming back to the Dogs, it feels quite natural to be coming back to the team. Everyone is so close - it is such a close-knit group. As long as I am fit enough to play, I want to come back to the Steeldogs. Because it has been such a long off season, I am chomping at the bit to get back. To keep my fitness up I have been using my home gym (equipment courtesy of Greg Wood), running and cycling.

Chaz also spoke about his experiences during the last season;

“I was just desperate to play and jumped at the chances I was given. I had to go in with the mindset of not giving Morgs a reason not to play me every week. I also think I learned a lot from the players around me such as Woody and Salem, I really took in all the advice they were giving and when I had more ice time I took every opportunity I had. I played on a few different lines and at times it was nice to be put on a line to be the senior guy and take responsibility and I enjoyed that.

I thought the quality of the league was a lot tougher than where we had played previously, but our team goals stayed the same; compete every night we played and raise the standard of our play. We beat every team in the league except Peterborough, although we came close. We showed on the day we could compete well and beat any team and I’m sure there is more of the same to come”.

Welcome back Chaz!

We are pleased that Donna & Dave will be player sponsors to Chaz again for season 20/21. We know they’re as keen as Chaz to get back to the rink and we look forward to seeing them cheering on #81 and the rest of the Dogs.

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